The Rise Up Commitment is for you if you want your relationship with others, God and/or yourself to be better. If you want to know your sweet spot, need challenged physically, spiritually, or mentally or want to grow as a disciple. Taking 10 weeks to rise up to your full potential will change everything about your life. The Commitment starts September 14th and is every Monday at 6:30 PM for 10 weeks. A FREE Informational Meeting is August 13th at 7:00PM. 

Rise Up Commmitment QandA
1. What Is the Rise Up Commitment? 
A ten week commitment to focus on:
-Improving devotion life and growing closer to God
- Eating whole foods and ridding our bodies of unhealthy, consumable influences (processed food, sugar, alcohol, etc.). Eating better provides the space and energy to hear God and others better
- Exercising regularly to allow for better oxygen flow and strengthening
- Including our families and focusing on encouraging their spiritual well-being
- Praying for one another and participating in healthy community

2. What do I do for the 10 weeks?
- Attend weekly group meetings on Mondays at 6:30PM
- Follow the daily devotion from Shanon Roberts and engage your heart to hear God’s voice
-Engage in the online group interaction
-Follow the Whole 30 Eating Plan
-Move your body on a regular basis, this could be walking a few times a week or following a workout plan
- Allow God to show you how your relationships can improve, your body can heal, and your God-created-purpose can be used in this world

3. What is the cost and what comes with this financial commitment?
- For $1 a day you get the chance to refocus your life and Rise Up  
Member Price: $70 per person or $100 for a couple
Program Participant Price: $90 per person or $120 for a couple
The commitment includes:
-An online portal for daily connection with Shanon Roberts and the rest of the group
-Daily email with devotional content, encouragement, and Whole 30 help
-Weekly teaching and facilitating
-One-on-one coaching with Shanon Roberts to help direct, encourage, and lead you on your journey
-Spouse discount if you decide to participate as a couple
-Celebratory Dinner on November 23rd
-Access to Electro-Scale to discover weight, BMI, and health statistics

4. What is the goal?
- The goal for each participant is to grow in sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. From that healthy place each participant will be able to sense God’s vision for their life, know what relationships need focus, and where healing can lead to abundant Life  

5. Why Whole 30 and exercise during a spiritual course?
- This is not really a spiritual course. This is a commitment of 10 weeks to focus on yourself and your relationships. We hope this becomes a lifestyle. Whole 30 and moving your body help significantly to deter any obstacles to becoming sensitive to the Holy Spirit. When our bodies are unhealthy then our spiritual life and relational life are unhealthy too. Whole 30 helps weed out the processed foods and attachments we may have developed. Giving God our spirit, mind, and body puts us in a position to fully grow
-If Whole 30 is not possible for your family then there are other options to helping your body become healthy. Whole 30 should not be a barrier to participation but developing a healthy eating plan is a major component of Rising Up to your full potential


Monday, September 14, 2020 - 6:30am to Monday, November 16, 2020 - 6:30am
Whitley County Family YMCA
950 E Van Buren St
Columbia City, IN 46725
Amanda Daniel
Community Outreach Coordinator