#GivingTuesday for Fort Wayne Banner

Are you up for the YChallenge?

We're teaming up with the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne to raise money for our youth. Give your tax-deductible gift to the YMCA Youth Development Fund and make a difference for youth in our community. The Foundation will give an additional gift to the top three charities. Donations must be submitted by November 24. 

Challenge Accepted

Instructions for Donations:

  1. Go to The Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne website
  2. Scroll to the bottom and select "YMCA Youth Development Fund"
  3. Fill out the donation form
  4. Post on social media that you took the challenge. Then challenge some of your friends to do the same! Use this text for your post:

    I took the Y challenge and donated to Youth Development. I challenge (Friend's name) to do the same. To learn more, go to fwymca.org/giving-tuesday

    #ITookTheYChallenge #FWYMCA #GivingTuesdayFW