New features on the eGym System!

Premium Program Options

When you start using our eGym system you have access to two workout programs.  Now when you complete 50 days of using eGym we will “unlock” our Premium Program, which will give you two additional workout programs.  You will also set a program goal that will help determine the sequence of your workout programs.  Ask a Skyline Staff Member for additional information.

eGym Smart Start Cardio Screens    

We now offer eGym Smart Start Cardio Screens on some of our treadmills, ellipticals and one bike.  This will enable you to use your eGym band to track workouts and earn even more eGym points.  You still have the capabilities to access the TV channels and the various media programs associated with the equipment. 

eGym at Skyline YMCA

The eGym solution is a cloud-connected system that combines intelligent software with the latest fitness equipment to provide our members with a training experience that is easy to use, fun and motivating.

Schedule your orientation 

Schedule your orientation by emailing us at or calling us at 260.755.4900

eGym will help you achieve your fitness goals.

eGym provides a very efficient and versatile workout for all training objectives such as muscle building, muscle toning, athletic performance, general fitness, and weight loss. Through regular strength measurements, the machines adapt your training weight automatically. You will always work out with the optimum resistance to achieve your goals.

Your machine settings will be automatic.

After a one time introduction, the eGym machines will adjust to your settings automatically at every training session.

With the eGym Fitness App, you can schedule and track workouts.

Your training data is automatically synchronized with the eGym platform and is ​​available via and fitness app. Let your training plan be sent to your smartphone, check off exercises as you go and track every single training session inside or outside of the gym.

You will have access to insightful analysis.

Your training progress will be visible and will show your potential for improvement. Also, eGym allows you to automatically collect data from external devices and apps such as Fitbit, Runkeeper, Strava, and Garmin for your training records and to incorporate this information in the training analysis.