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Just like the people who make up our community, the YMCA is ever-changing. Every year we work hard to make an impact in our community. Take a moment to discover what is going on here at the YMCA of Great Fort Wayne!


YMCA & Turnstone Partnership, Grant award from The Hartford

YMCA of Greater Fort Wayne Awarded Health First Allen County Grant


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Hope For Youth

This initiative by the YMCA of Greater Fort Wayne is expanding on our programming for youth and teens to provide safe places and great role models helping young people find direction or get back on track. The services we provide at the Youth Service Bureau (YSB) helps to keep youth out of the juvenile justice system and keep them attending school. YSB also runs a runaway prevention program called National Safe Place.  Services are expanding with the addition of a Youth Advocate to  give additional mentoring and coaching to young people.

In collaboration with Fort Wayne United the Renaissance Pointe YMCA hosts a Late Night Basketball program to help young people with a positive place and connections to education resources, law enforcement, and employment.  They come in for basketball but get a whole lot more from caring adults there to listen and support. 

The YMCA of Greater Fort Wayne has been steadily growing our services to teens. These include the free 7th Grade Membership initiative, Teen Leaders Clubs, Middle School Afterschool Programs, cooking classes, music programs, and more.


March 18, 2016
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