Armstrong Early Learning Center is a not-for-profit center. We provide quality programming in an excellent facility at a reasonable and competitive price to families.  Tuition fees paid by parents are utilized to cover the center's operating expenses including staff salaries, programming, and food expenses.


Armstrong Early Learning Center offers a limited number of tuition scholarships for families who meet eligibility criteria based on family income, community transition, and family medical emergencies.  Scholarships are limited to 12 months and subject to availability of funding.  Please contact the Director for more information.

CCDF Vouchers

Our site has been approved to be a Bright Point location allowing us to accept childcare vouchers. Any family that receives 50% or greater YMCA scholarship is required to apply for CCDF Vouchers. Families will have 30 days to apply and receive an active voucher, or provide us with a denial/waitlist letter.  If you need more information, please feel free to ask at the front desk.  All families with an active CCDF voucher will need to sign and agree with the Armstrong Early Learning Center’s voucher payment agreement. The Director will provide you with this form and answer any questions you may have.  

YMCA Memberships

A free Household YMCA membership (valued at $980) is given to all full-time families who have planned continuous enrollment throughout the year. Children enrolled for Summer Enrichment Camp and After School Care do not qualify for a free household membership. If your family is interested in the benefits of a free household YMCA membership and you qualify, applications can be filled out at the Membership Services Desk. Applications must be filled out in order to activate membership; families will not be automatically signed up. If you are a current YMCA member you must make arrangements to stop any payments and/or transfer your membership to the free household membership.  The YMCA will not refund any back membership dues.  Membership information is available at the front desk.

Tuition Payments

Payment is due the Thursday prior to the week your child will be attending.  There is a $10 late fee if paid on Monday.  All tuition payments at the Armstrong Early Learning Center must be scheduled to automatically come from a credit card on file or bank draft. Full tuition will still be paid during weeks of holiday and in-service closures. A fee will be assessed to your account for any payments returned to the Early Learning Center.  The Early Learning Center reserves the right to disenroll a student for non-payment.  The parent will receive written notification that the child is disenrolled due to non-payment.  A two-week notice will be added to the account. 

Vacation Policy

Vacation time allows you the privilege of not paying while your child is absent.  Vacation time is available only after your child has been enrolled at the Armstrong Early Learning Center for a minimum of 90 days.  A vacation request form must be filled out and given to the front desk two weeks prior to the time of the requested vacation. These vacation forms may be found at the front desk.  Notifying us two weeks prior to the vacation is important so that we can schedule personnel accordingly and stop and/or modify  the scheduled payment for the requested vacation days.  

The vacation policy allows parents freedom from full payment, a maximum of one week annually each school year. Parents must inform the center two weeks in advance when their child will not be attending. Each family will be able to split up their vacation time however meets your needs. If your child is on a Full-Time  contract you receive 5 vacation days, Part-Time contracts will receive 3 days each year.   Vacation time cannot be used as a two-week notice of withdrawal from the center or during the last two weeks of enrollment.  

Additional Fees

  • A non-refundable  one time registration fee of $30 per child or $40 per family will be charged. 
  • Each summer an additional summer activity fee will be charged to each family to cover special visitors or field trips.  Each family will be notified via Tadpoles as to the amount that is being charged and when payment is due. 
  • A $15 fee will be charged for all returned checks.
  • Other additional fees may be assessed for special events such as field trips and special visitors.