Registration for upcoming school year 2022-2023:

East Allen County Schools 

Before School Care: 6:30 AM-Start of School
    After School Care: End of School - 6 PM

School Morning Care is served... Afternoon Care is served...
Cedarville Elementary School   onsite onsite
Leo Elementary  onsite onsite
Southwick Elementary onsite onsite

Please contact Child Care Services at 260.449.8464 for more information.

*Care sites at an alternative location already have pre-arranged transportation through the school system. Transportation is not provided by the YMCA. If you need transportation, please contact your school's transportation department to see if they can assist you.

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CCDF vouchers accepted at Southwick Elementary locations. Contact Child Care Services at 260.449.8464 to learn more.
Need assistance when school is not in session? We're here to help! Click here for more info!