Preschool Program

The Preschool Program begins at age 3 and is designed to support children’s learning through play. Play is learning for a child. Through play, a child finds purpose from the world around them through opportunities for building, constructing, relationships, and movement.

Children build and construct knowledge through open-ended experiences and the use of natural materials. They use blocks to test the limits of gravity. They make sense of real life situations by taking a food order in the dramatic play area. These opportunities allow children to make connections to how life relates to them.

Children are given opportunities to share knowledge, chose whom they work with, and participate in cooperative play experiences. A strong sense of community is built when children take part in these opportunities. The children begin to understand the give-and-take aspect of relationships amongst their peers and teachers.

Our program focuses on meeting the developmental needs of each child at their current stage, because we believe meeting current needs will help children be successful in future years of learning. Graduation from preschool is celebrated with a diploma and a ceremony for the preschooler and caregivers.


The Family's Role The Teacher's Role