Sensory Room

at Caylor-Nickel Foundation Family YMCA

Engaging adults and children with sensory processing conditions can be a challenging task, especially since a lot of learning equipment can be unexciting or daunting. The outside world can be a challenging and stressful place where they don’t feel in control and this can significantly impact their development. Multisensory rooms were designed to change that. The Sensory Room at the Caylor-Nickel Foundation Family YMCA was designed with the Y’s mission in mind which emphasizes making the Y available to ALL. The room has many benefits, including:

  • Provides participants with personalized sensory input to help them calm and focus themselves to be better prepared to interact with others
  • A place to reduce tension and agitation while promoting individualized learning
  • Specifically designed and utilized for soothing sensory stimulation
  • Promotes relaxation and creates positive change
  • Space for children to bond with their caregivers to form strong relationships to be carried into everyday life 



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