Service Immersion Trips... 

Going abroad on a service immersion trip can create more memories than a vacation. This unique opportunity allows you to experience a new country and culture, and work alongside people who live a markedly different life than Americans. You may be motivated to go on a service trip to help others and end up surprised at how it helps you. We are looking for participants who have either proven their commitment to service through past experience or who are able to clearly express their commitment to service. 

Interested in joining us? Just complete this 3-step process:
1: Complete and submit the online application below
2: Interview (You will be contacted)
3: Make Your Deposit (minimum $250)

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Service Immersion Trip Application
Have you ever participated in a Service Trip or Service Experience before, either at the YMCA or through some other organization? Please explain/describe.
Please explain why you are interested in this trip. What gifts do you bring to serving others (can include talents, personality characteristics, knowledge, past service experience, level of commitment, interests, faith statement, etc.)
Describe experiences you might have had with individuals from a different culture/country. Include information about past travel, nationally and internationally.
Please check the following statements to signify you have read and understand them:
This $250 deposit will only be refunded if the minimum number of participants is not met and therefore the trip does not proceed. International trip insurance is included in the price of this trip. This insurance does not cover cancellation due to change in plans or inability to pay the entire cost of the trip. Submitting this form indicates that you have read, understood, and agree to abide by all of the above.